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Recent Tool Lists
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31 July 2019
Part NumberTool DescriptionLocationAircraft
197102A4281M001 Fitting assemblyNorth America
297A21102505000Plug check valve APU sysNorth America
397A27003000000ConnectorsNorth America
497A27003000007Dyamometre de traction push-pull gauge assyNorth America
597A27302009000Locking pitch trimNorth America
697A27902016000Spring scale assyNorth America
797A28002117002Small flow tanks drainage toolNorth America
897A29102035000Out pressurisation bache/azoteNorth America
997A29102062000Depressure connectorNorth America
1097A29102090000Tool set-rem and ins bobbins and ins ringsNorth America
1197A76102003000Adapter-spring scalethrottle controlleverNorth America
1297F29108805000Kit-install CAR401VLVNorth America
1397F57508260000Clamp lever TR 2North America
1497F57508262000Clamp lever TR 4North America
1597F57508704002Repair tool fairing 4 LHNorth America
1698A07003912001Adapter load cellNorth America
1798A07004002000Jacking adapter socket(rib 8 jacking point)North America
1898A08001005000Set-holding measuring cord dispositif p0UrNorth America
1998A08001005001Set-holding measuring cord dispositif p0UrNorth America
2098A08001005002Set-holding measuring cord dispositif p0UrNorth America
2198A09001001000Bar-steeringnose wheelNorth America
2298A09003000000Bar-steering nose wheel class ⅡA310North America
2398A09003000001Bar-steering nose wheel class ⅡA310North America
2498A09003000002Bar-steering nose wheel class ⅡA310North America
2598A10001005000Cover pitot probeNorth America
2698A10001013000Cover-slip-ontotal temperature sensorNorth America
2798A10001021000Obturateur psparkingNorth America
2898A10001500000Cover-slip-onangle attack sensorNorth America
2998A10001508000Cover cowl GE CF6 80C2North America
3098A10003002001Precooler 0Utl coverNorth America
3198A10003003000Cover blanking air cond fresh air intakeNorth America
3298A10003500000Blanking device PSS parkingNorth America
3398A12003500000Flag-spec/definitionNorth America
3498A20003008000Crimping toolNorth America
3598A21003002000PoigneeNorth America
3698A21203500000Obturateur circuit APUNorth America
3798A24403000000Cable holding strapNorth America
3898A25207503000Assy pulleysealing cord and ceiling boxNorth America
3998A26213501000Wrench union nutNorth America
4098A26213502000Wrench union nutNorth America
4198A27003000000ExtractorsNorth America
4298A27003001000Pin-riggingNorth America
4398A27103500000Out protection FTUNorth America
4498A27103500001Out protection FTUNorth America
4598A27103501000Rigging pinNorth America
4698A27104018000Rigging lockNorth America
4798A27108014000Rigging pin-aileron drumNorth America
4898A27108024000Rigging pin-asa trim spindleNorth America
4998A27108030000Guide bullet-asa hinge line boltNorth America
5098A27203500000BaseNorth America
5198A27207543000Pin riggingap yaw actuatorNorth America
5298A27207561000Fixture vertical stabilizer ruderNorth America
5398A27207561001Fixture vertical stabilizer ruderNorth America
5498A27207561002Fixture vertical stabilizer ruderNorth America
5598A27208423001Extractor rudder bearingsNorth America
5698A27208442000Fixture hinge arms servocontrolsrudderNorth America
5798A27208514000Fixture vertical stabilizer rudderNorth America
5898A27208514001Fixture vertical stabilizer rudderNorth America
5998A27303502000Heasuring equipment THS deflectionNorth America
6098A27307541000Rigging pin-cable quadrant elevatormechanical controlNorth America
6198A27407514003Strut fixture horiz stabilizerNorth America
6298A27407568001Distance strut frame 91North America
6398A27408017000Socket wrench-diagonal strutNorth America
6498A27408408002Equip-hoistths actuatorNorth America
6598A27408640000Device removal and inst trim actuatorNorth America
6698A27504003000Extractor bearing assyflap track 2 forward mountingNorth America
6798A27504024000Extractor pin-fwd attachment flap tracks 3 4 5North America
6898A27504025000Extractor pin-fwd attachment flap tracks 6North America
6998A27508005000Hoisting sling-inner flapNorth America
7098A27508005001Hoisting sling-inner flapNorth America
7198A27508011000Control setting device flap track fairingNorth America
7298A27508012001Socket wrench-retrainer nut tr2-5North America
7398A27508013000Drive tool-32 teethNorth America
7498A27508025000Chock set flap carriages to trace 1 & 2North America
7598A27508034000Rigging pin-command sensor unitNorth America
7698A27603002000Sleeve locking external airbrake and spoiler actuating jacksNorth America
7798A27603007000Spoilers aerofreins externesNorth America
7898A27603008000Aerofreins internesNorth America
7998A27608016000Setting gauge-adjustable stops/airbrake surface 1&2North America
8098A27801001000Pin riggingNorth America
8198A27803005000Check pin-krueger flap controlNorth America
8298A27804000000Extractor for pinleading edge jack gimbalNorth America
8398A27808003000Adapter fuer torque shaft drive tool-24 teethNorth America
8498A27808003001Adapter fuer torque shaft drive tool-24 teethNorth America
8598A27808011000Rigging pin absteckdornNorth America
8698A27901000000Pin rigging aileron control wheelNorth America
8798A27901002000Pin riggingNorth America
8898A27901011000Pin rigging landing gear emergency lowering controlNorth America
8998A27901014000Pin rigging nose gear emergency lowering controlNorth America
9098A27903501001Measur equip pitch and roll opertgNorth America
9198A28007570000Adapterdrain vent valveAPUNorth America
9298A28101000000Fuel tank water drain gage adapterNorth America
9398A28104000000Water drain purgerNorth America
9498A28104000001Water drain purgerNorth America
9598A28104000002Water drain purgerNorth America
9698A28104030000Adaptor-banjoNorth America
9798A28104031001Water drain purgerNorth America
9898A28201003000P0Ur cloche de pompeNorth America
9998A28203000000Jet pump test equipementNorth America
10098A29001001001Unit filling brk systNorth America
10198A29103000000Assembly tool hydraulic sealsNorth America
10298A29113501000Wrench union nutNorth America
10398A29113502000Wrench union nutNorth America
10498A29201001000Pin rigging ram air turbine drop-0Ut controlsNorth America
10598A32101510000Safety pin MLG door lockingNorth America
10698A32103003000Torque adapterNorth America
10798A32104158000Beam assy(Sidestay-maingear hoisting)North America
10898A32104167001Pin-main leg pick-upNorth America
10998A32201001000Trolley grnd hand NLGNorth America
11098A32201004000PinequippedNorth America
11198A32203004000Elingue de retenue TAV A300 NLG retainerNorth America
11298A32301000000Pin ringgingNorth America
11398A32301006000Drilling & reaming deviceNorth America
11498A32301013000Pin-rigginglanding gear and door emergency lowering controlNorth America
11598A32303002000Pin-riggingmain gear door selector controlNorth America
11698A32401000000Pin riggingbraking controlNorth America
11798A32401500000Pin riggingbraking connectingNorth America
11898A32501005000Pin-riggingnose gear wheel steering unitNorth America
11998A32503504000N/W steering measurementNorth America
12098A34103000000Control tool fuselage cont0Ur stat-portNorth America
12198A35207599000Hose adapteraltitude switchoxygen masksNorth America
12298A49007625001Cleaning device APUNorth America
12398A49009001000Device-cleaning APUNorth America
12498A49009001001Device-cleaning APUNorth America
12598A49009001002Device-cleaning APUNorth America
12698A49107504000Thread protectors APU mounting boltsNorth America
12798A49107504001Thread protectors APU mounting boltsNorth America
12898A52008509000Sling universal doorsNorth America
12998A52107632000Pin saftey slideNorth America
13098A52108007000Removal/installation passenger/crew doorNorth America
13198A52108008001Support frame-ballast weightpass/crew doorsNorth America
13298A52207588000Gaugedoorstopfittings emergency exitNorth America
13398A52207588001Gaugedoorstopfittings emergency exitNorth America
13498A52207597001Setting gage emergency exitNorth America
13598A52208001001Removal/installation tools cargo compartment doorsNorth America
13698A52307523000Support strut cargo doorNorth America
13798A52307529000Gueltig fuerNorth America
13898A52307529001Gueltig fuerNorth America
13998A52307529002Gueltig fuerNorth America
14098A52307557000Vacuum valve scuff plateNorth America
14198A52307579000Cargo comparimini door No812North America
14298A52307587000Device adjustment-fwd cargoNorth America
14398A52307622000Dev-measuringBCDNorth America
14498A52307628000Locksafety cargo door ACTNorth America
14598A52308019000Device-cargo doormicro switch adjustmentNorth America
14698A52308402000Support strut udc-doorNorth America
14798A53003500001Fastener removal toolNorth America
14898A53207606000Floor panels maintenanceNorth America
14998A53208671000Drilling & reaming deviceNorth America
15098A53603004000Hoist TL rack 101 VUNorth America
15198A54003002000Qutillage pose depose mats R/I frame engineNorth America
15298A54003002001Qutillage pose depose mats R/I frame engineNorth America
15398A54003002002Qutillage pose depose mats R/I frame engineNorth America
15498A54003002003Qutillage pose depose mats R/I frame engineNorth America
15598A54003002004Qutillage pose depose mats R/I frame engineNorth America
15698A54003002005Qutillage pose depose mats R/I frame engineNorth America
15798A54003022001Shaft extr rib 12/18North America
15898A54003022004Shaft extr Rib 12/18North America
15998A54003029002Extractor set - bust RIB 12North America
16098A54003038000Protective nutNorth America
16198A54003063000Installation tool-sh0Uldered bush RIB12North America
16298A54003084000insertion axes attaches mat N12/N18North America
16398A54003100000Gear hoist GE pylonNorth America
16498A54003120000Special wrenchNorth America
16598A54403005000Dummy bushesNorth America
16698A54403006000Shackles test of pyl/wing yokesNorth America
16798A54403011000Outillage pose depose rotule spigot R/I-tl spig ball jntNorth America
16898A54403022000Extr sleeve wg spigotNorth America
16998A54403024002Adartor-dynamometer at r1b1 for ndtNorth America
17098A54403024003ToolNorth America
17198A55308295000Milling & crimping devicerudder bearingNorth America
17298A55308440000Sling universal tailplaneNorth America
17398A55308440001Sling universal tailplaneNorth America
17498A55308741000Sling-R/IrudderNorth America
17598A55308741001Sling-R/IrudderNorth America
17698A57103013000Tap test toolNorth America
17798A57304002000Manhole bolt removal tool assyNorth America
17898A57304002001Manhole bolt removal tool assyNorth America
17998A57904000000Sling 0Uter flapNorth America
18098A57904000001Sling 0Uter flapNorth America
18198A57904001000Sling centre flapNorth America
18298A57904001001Sling centre flapNorth America
18398A57904004000Ring-liftingNorth America
18498A57904005000Tilting mechanism flap slingNorth America
18598A71101506001Hold-open fixtureNorth America
18698A71101506015Tie rod-RHNorth America
18798A71101506016Tie rod-LHNorth America
18898A71103250000Corset securite verin relevage capot reverse A310 PWNorth America
18998A71103500000Pwa engine nose cowlNorth America
19098A71103506001Pose et depose moteurs GENorth America
19198A71103506002Pose et depose moteurs PWNorth America
19298A71103506003Pose et depose moteurs PWNorth America
19398AMS172321002Hook wrench-adapterNorth America
19498AMS172321003Groove nut wrenchNorth America
19598AMS172322002Hook wrench-adapterNorth America
19698AMS172322003Grove nut wrenchNorth America
19798AMS172322004Wrench-adapterNorth America
19898AMS172322005Wrench-adapterNorth America
19998AMS172323002Hook wrench-adapterNorth America
20098AMS172323003Grove nut wrenchNorth America
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