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Recent Tool Lists
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17 March 2018
Part NumberTool DescriptionLocationAircraft
1101-00184-AOAPitot Static Test SetNorth America
2101-00302Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Fairchild F27FNorth America
3101-00438Fuel Quantity Adapter CableNorth America
4101-00439Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Fairchild SA226, SA227North America
5101-00451Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for WestwindNorth America
6101-00470Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Swearingen Merlin IIIC, IVC, IIINorth America
7101-00472Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Casa 212North America
8101-00542Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Boeing 727,737North America
9101-00802Adapter module for Beech King AirNorth America
10101-00805DC400 Module BELL OH-58DNorth America
11101-00855DC400A Adapter Module Hawker 800North America
12101-01185ARemote Hand Terminal for ADTS-505/DPS-450North America
13101-01437Adapter moduleNorth America
14101-01437Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Cessna 650North America
151125-2130-00Astra Cabin Pressure Control TesterNorth America
16135M-11Strobex Blade TrackerNorth America
171502BTDR Cable TesterNorth America
18177M-6ABalancing KitNorth America
19227500-1Manual Tilt Turn TableNorth America
20227500-2Manual Tilt Turn TableNorth America
212311FAPressure TesterNorth America
222312G-22Turbine Temperature Test SetNorth America
232336OscilloscopeNorth America
242548HAC Fuel Quantity Test SetNorth America
252643GAircraft Fuel GaugingNorth America
26289900-3Aircraft Engine TesterNorth America
2730100PDL-615 ARINC 615 Portable Data Loader North America
283112KNC Portable Live Pressure Cal & Test SystemNorth America
29377-4Pitot Static Test SetNorth America
304052508-952Flight Management ComputerNorth America
31429ENARINC 429 EN TX/RX Databus AnalyzerNorth America
3242A12/1ULB TesterNorth America
33440Y3Test Adapter for 980L-1 / 1ANorth America
34455-9100ELT Test SetNorth America
356000-100Digital Pressure Meter / Pitot Static ReaderNorth America
366200Automated Pitot Static TesteNorth America
376300Automated Pitot Static TesteNorth America
386845RMicrowave System Simulator AnalyzerNorth America
398000AC Fuel Quantity Test SetNorth America
408500C+Balancer/Analyzer w/ Standard AccessoriesNorth America
41900ASTTDR / RFL Advanced Systems TesterNorth America
42901-11800-3 FASTRAK Blade Tracker for 8500CNorth America
43901-8620Strobex Blade TrackerNorth America
44906-10246-3Loop Resistance TesterNorth America
45909932-3-1Engine Overspeed Tester For TFE731North America
469102150-01Road Runner Jack Point Aircraft Weighing SystemNorth America
47915-10252Photocell System for 8500C / 192ANorth America
48971F-1Autopilot Test SetNorth America
49972S-1Autopilot Ramp Test Set - PN: 622-1626-001North America
50977B-1Test Panel PN:777-1357-001North America
51980N-1 / ASI-203Altimeter Test SetNorth America
52A-7550Spectrum AnalyzerNorth America
53ACES1000ProBalancer Propeller Balancer / AnalyzerNorth America
54AD600-12Air Data Accessories Kit for CL600North America
55AD953-7Air Data Accessories kit for BOEING 737North America
56ADA125-945Air Data Accessories kit for Hawker North America
57ADA4000-945HTAir Data Accessories kit for Horizon 4000North America
58ADA757-612Air Data Accessories kit for BOEING 757 North America
59ADA767-612Air Data Accessory Kit for BOEING 767 & BOEING KC-46A TANKERNorth America
60ADA967-47Air Data Accessory Kit for BOEING 747-100, 200 & 300North America
61ADAG4-612Air Data Accessory Kit for Gulfstream 4 (IV)North America
62ADAG5-834RVSM Air Data Accessories Kit for Gulfstream G5 and G500North America
63ADAH1-612Air Data Accessories kit for Bell 204/205North America
64ADSE-543Pitot Static Test SetNorth America
65ADT-222BAir Data Test Set SystemNorth America
66ADTS-405F Air Data Test Set, RVSM North America
67ADTS542FGE Wireless Pitot Static Test SetNorth America
68AKMD100Air Data Accessories Kit for MD11 / MD10North America
69AMT-51AAltimeter Test SetNorth America
70ARA-552Radio Altimeter Test SetNorth America
71ATC-1200Y3DME/Transponder Test SetNorth America
72ATC-1400DME/Transponder Test SetNorth America
73ATC-1400ADME/Transponder Test SetNorth America
74ATC-1400A-2DME/Transponder Test SetNorth America
75ATC-600ADME/Transponder Test SetNorth America
76ATC-601-2DME/Transponder Test SetNorth America
77C34005-17Spec Tool Extender - Radio AltimeterNorth America
78CA-1550Portable Battery Charger/AnalyzerNorth America
79CASP2000Charger/AnalyzerNorth America
80CTS-700Selcal/Atscall Ramp TesterNorth America
81DC-400Digital DC Fuel Quantity Test Set PN:101-00800North America
82DC-400ADigital DC Fuel Quantity Test SetNorth America
83DPI-145Pressure Indicator with Aeronautics OptionNorth America
84DPI-601DPI601 Digital Pressure IndicatorNorth America
85DPI-610Pressure Calibrator - StandardNorth America
86DPS-350Air Data Test SetNorth America
87DPS-400Air Data Test SetNorth America
88DPS-450Air Data Test SetNorth America
89FM/AM 1500Communication Service MonitorNorth America
90FM/AM 1600SCommunication Service MonitorNorth America
91FM/AM-1000SCommunication Service MonitorNorth America
92FM/AM-1200SSCommunication Service Monitor 1200 Super SNorth America
93FM/AM-500ACommunication Service MonitorNorth America
94GPS-101-2GPS Satellite SimulatorNorth America
95H261-11Temperature Indicator TesterNorth America
96H337NP-107Engine Test Set / Analyzer (With OEM Cert)North America
97HCS-8500Hot Bonder/Composite Repair SystemsNorth America
98HCS9200BDual Zone Hot bonder/Composite repairNorth America
99HP-8644ASignal GeneratorNorth America
100I-1402Transponder Test Set AccessoryNorth America
101IC3000Video Inspection ToolNorth America
102IF5D4X1-14BorescopeNorth America
103IFF-701TMode S Transponder/Interrogator Test SeNorth America
104IFR-2946Communication Service MonitorNorth America
105IFR-2947Communication Service MonitorNorth America
106IFR-4000NAV/COMM Test Set - No ELTNorth America
107Jackweight+AC-100Digital A/C Weighing Scale 8x50KLBNorth America
108KCA120Test Panel PN: 071-5086-00North America
109KTS-143Silver / Gold Crown Digital Test Panel North America
110KTS-146 KFC 300 Flight Line Test Set PN: 071-5016-00North America
111KTS-147Flight Control System Test SetNorth America
112KTS-148Test PanelNorth America
113KTS-149Test PanelNorth America
114KTS-150Auto Pilot Test Set PN: 071-5025-00North America
115KTS-151KFC200 Flight Control System Test SetNorth America
116KTS-153KI-525 KI525A Test Set PN: 071-5027-00North America
117KTS-156KFC 250 Autopilot Test SetNorth America
118KTS-192Antenna Simulator PN: 071-5080-00North America
119L790ALeak DetectorNorth America
120LM-3Marker Beacon Test PanelNorth America
121LSU-105Air Data Line Switching UnitNorth America
122LTS-525/ATest Panel for KI525 & KI525ANorth America
123MicroVib IIDSS MicroVib II Aircfat Analyzer North America
124MPS-34CAir Data Test SetNorth America
125MPS31CAir Data Test SetNorth America
126NAV-2000R-50VOR/ILS Generator / TesterNorth America
127NAV-2000R-80NAV/COMM Signal GeneratorNorth America
128NAV-401LNAV/COMM/ILS Test SetNorth America
129NAV-402APNAV/COM/LOC/GS Test SetNorth America
130Nav-750Bench NAV/COMM Test SetNorth America
131NAV-750ABench NAV/COMM Test SetNorth America
132NAV-750BBench NAV/COMM Test SetNorth America
133NAV-750BRBench NAV/COMM Test SetNorth America
134NC2200ANAV/COMM Ramp Test SetNorth America
135PSD30-2GDC Capacitance Universal Fuel Quantity Test SetNorth America
136PSD40-504MAir PSD40-504M Fuel Quantity Test HarnessNorth America
137PSD40-521Fuel Quantity Test Harness PN: 55-5014-00North America
138PSD60-1AFCapacitance Fuel Quantity Test SetNorth America
139PSD60-2RFuel Quantity Test SetNorth America
140PSS88340-4-4-4Pitot Static test adapterNorth America
141PV103RPressure/Vacuum Supply UnitNorth America
142RD-300Radar Test SetNorth America
143RF80-GTCharger/AnalyzerNorth America
144RF80-HCharger/AnalyzerNorth America
145RF80-KCharger/AnalyzerNorth America
146RSUFlight Data Recorder Data Download and Diagnostic Tool North America
147S-1403/CMode S Accessory For ATC-1400ANorth America
148S332DSite Master Cable and Antenna AnalyzerNorth America
149SC063Sight CompassNorth America
150SETRA 370Digital Pressure IndicatorNorth America
151ST-1AStabilization Test SetNorth America
152T-23AATC Ramp Test SetNorth America
153T-24BDME TestNorth America
154T-33DTransponder Test SetNorth America
156T-48DMode S Transponder DME Test SetNorth America
157T-49CMode S Transponder/TCAS Test SetNorth America
158T477WBonding Meter - Probes sold separatelyNorth America
159T5-8005-110-00Cable TensiometerNorth America
160TCAS-201TCAS Ramp Test SetNorth America
161TCAS-201-2TCAS Ramp Test SetNorth America
162TKM-3300Transponder Test SetNorth America
163TS-200ULB Test SetNorth America
164TT1000ATurbine Temperature Test Set - New UnusedNorth America
165TT1000ATurbine Temperature Test Set North America
166UL-1ZEPurge Hot Bonder Composite RepairNorth America
167USB 429/717ARINC 429/717 Avionics InterfaceNorth America
168VIBREX 2000Balancer/Analyzer w/ Standard AccessoriesNorth America
169WX-PAStormscope Portable AnalyzerNorth America

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